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#ealfridayfeaturing... Aghna Fallon: All about brows!

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Hello lovelies, so we are always growing here on #eal and wanting to bring you all fun articles to read. 

That brings us today and we have our very first guest blogger-we will still be doing #ealfridayfashion posts but on some Fridays we will be doing #ealfridayfeaturing... slots! How exciting is that!! We would like to say a HUGE thank you to Aghna for contributing to our blog today with this great article all about brows... Give her some love by leaving a comment for her.
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Emily & Aideen x
Aghna here, the mystery guest blogger this week thank you to Emily and Aideen for inviting me over! I am Aideens little sister and at (nearly) 21 I am a busy student with a part time job in Galway and a growing love for all things fashion and beauty related, among many other things! This week I decided to do an eyebrow routine as I recently picked up two new eyebrow related products and I wanted to try them out. Now before this, I was borderline negligent with my eyebrows, just getting them shaped regularly but never filling them in or anything along those lines. Recently I have noticed in photos from nights out in particular they are disappearing!!

The first product I used is the Veet precision waxer for face... Now usually I just get my brows waxed for me but I thought the pen would be good to try out maybe in between waxes or if you don't get the chance to drop by the salon. The kit comes with the pen- one end is wax and the other an aloe enriched aftercare cream, a precision applicator, LOADS of reusable strips and some instructions. Using the product was pretty simple, as someone used to getting waxes I was familiar with the smoothing and pulling motions necessary to remove the hairs and I was very careful to only use small amounts of wax with the precision applicator to evict those pesky stragglers. Now my brows are not perfect but as they say- sisters not twins! I made no attempt to re shape them by myself for fear I would take half them off but I did clean them up a lot.

The wax is very easy to soften (in a cup of hot water) and not messy to use. The aftercare cream is really nice and soothing too- definitely works a treat for reducing redness which is not so cute if you have somewhere to be!

The next day I decided to try out the Mememe 'Arch Angel' brow gel and highlighter. Mememe is new to Ireland so getting to have a look at their stuff was very exciting for me and Aideen when we took a spin out to Athenry to sample their wares! The arch angel cost about €10. The first thing I noticed about Mememe is its packaging is fabulous and looks really high end for a "drug-store" product. The product was really easy to use I simply ran through my brows with the gel and it gave my eyebrows a darker tint immediately, here I photographed them in natural light with very light day makeup but I think the darker brow look will be one I'll wear with darker makeup at night to prevent my eyebrows from disappearing anymore!!

The gel is long lasting and an extremely lightweight product, that is to say you do not know you are wearing it at all. It doesn’t smudge or move beyond the brows either, as it seems to just cling onto the hairs and remain there all day. The highlighter is stunning and pearlescent but only a tiny amount needs to be used! I literally used one dot of the product applied to the browbone and blended it out with my ring finger.

Overall I was really happy with both products and will no longer neglect my poor brows! I hope you all enjoyed my first stab at blogging and you never know I could be back...  Let me know in the comments some of your "holy grail" brow products :)
Aghna x

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  1. can you buy arch angel in the city??

    1. Hey Amy! Go west pharmacy in westside beside Aldi are stockists :)