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#ealtryouts TanOrganic self tanning oil application and review + VIDEO

7:03 AM

Hello lovelies.... we know its been a while but things have been super hectic here at #ealhq between myself (Aideen) being super preggo and Emily starting up in a new position and work AND organising her wedding..... Actually yesterday I had a little baby shower so look out for my detailed post and pics later this week!!

For todays #ealtryouts post I have a product review for you all and it is the TanOrganic self tanning oil which I received in one of my Into The West Blogger Network goody bags-it costs €24.99 and is available HERE

Over on the tanorganic site there is an amazing offer to get their full
range of products for just €70 HERE. After using the oil I would love to try
them all especially the multi use dry oil and the duo bronzer looks AMAZING!!

Here are the deets from their website for the self-tanning oil:

A TREAT FOR YOUR SKIN : TanOrganic’s revolutionary Self-tanning Oil is a beautiful moisturising dry oil with a subtle tan. A unique blend of 8 different skin nourishing plant oils including Borage seed oil, Argan oil and Orange peel oil, TanOrganic Self-tanning Oil will leave your skin looking, and feeling amazing.
ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS : TanOrganic is the worlds first and only Eco-certified Self-tanning brand and made wholly from natural and organic ingredients.
NO FAKE TAN SMELL : TanOrganic’s all natural formula contains no perfume’s or fragrances, so no more nasty fake tan smell.
FUSS FREE APPLICATION : Super simple to use, just apply like any other body oil, wipe the palms of your hands and you’re done.
QUICK DRYING AND ZERO TRANSFER : TanOrganic’s Self-tanning Oil is absorbed very quickly into the skin and is a clear liquid, so there is no risk of transferring to your sheets or clothes.
I had my cousins wedding last week so I wanted a little glow for my super pale skin-we have had a very wet miserable summer here in Ireland!!

I made a quick video for you to check out all about how I apply the Tan and also the results you can expect-after the overnight developing I had a super golden tan which was lovely but not the right shade to match with my make up so I then did a quick exfoliation to achieve the light golden glow I wanted. The oil was a real treat for my skin as at the moment it is quite dry-I also loved how quick the oil dries into the skin so no waiting around.

Please check out my video and enjoy.

Aideen xx

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  1. Great review, love dry oils in general so must check this out!

  2. Very helpful article!! I expect more helpful articles from you. Women are always concerned about their nails. I give my nails a makeover with Sakare's nail treatments. I get good result.