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#ealtuesdaytryouts Nia 100% natural beauty products

3:58 AM

Hello lovelies we are back again with another review! We are so delighted with all the products that we have been receiving for review and can't wait to share all these yummy goodies with our readers.

So today we have a lovely treat for you all-some skincare products by Nia and you can visit their lovely website HERE

I originally saw Celia, the maker of all these fabulous products on the programme 'Dragons Den' and I loved the look of her products so I researched them a bit more on the site and contacted Celia who sent on some samples for me and Emily to try. What I loved too is that Celia makes her products from her home in Limerick!

All three of these products we have tested are light and almost mousse like to the touch but as you start to rub them onto the skin they become lovely and rich and moisturising.

Nía intensive body balm:

Aideen says:

"I really like the scent of this balm which has a lovely combination of essential oils and butters. I am a very dry skinned person and occasionally my hands will get so dry that they will crack especially at my knuckles-this tends to happen when I use certain soaps or products. Using my Olloclip macro lens for my iPhone I took a before and after photo of my knuckle area-not very pretty I know but it shows how great this intensive balm works and this is after just one application. I will definitely be keeping this balm on standby for when my poor hands are sore"

Emily says:

" The Intensive Body balm is certainly something I will be adding to my skincare arsenal. I have horribly dry and cracked hands from working outside taking care of my Chickens. Its hard to find a good moisturizer that has lasting results. I noticed a real improvement in not only the feel of my hands but also the color. A lot of times my knuckles will look red and raw, but this balm really penetrates dry skin leaving it softer and smoother all day. The scent is also very nice, while it is a bit stronger than the other two we tested, I found it to be quite a relaxing scent. This  balm is certainly worth a try if you are looking for something to combat areas of extra dry skin like myself." 

Nía intensive restoring moisturiser:

Aideen says:

"Again I love this scent, Nía really has the scents picked perfectly for their products. I know this is a facial cream but I have been using it on the back of my upper arms and elbows to prepare my arms for hopefully some sunny weather!! It is a fabulous product that really feels great on the skin-it can also be used for healing the skin and I am going to give some to my dad to test on his psoriasis and maybe get a review off him too so watch this space as I feel he will love this product too"

Emily says:

" I too love how this moisturizer smells! Its a great product to use before bed, so your face is nice and moisturized in the A.M. prior to applying your makeup. A little goes a long way with this product, and because my face tends to be a bit on the oily side, I usually only use small amounts of any facial moisturizer. I really love that this is an all natural product, as I try to always use natural or organic products especially on my face… so this is certainly a winner in my book! "  

Nía Just Balm:

Aideen says:

"I love this balm-it was my favourite of the Nía samples I tried for my face-it has a lovely silky feeling on the skin and is fragrance free-I used it for my night cream and below again I have a macro photo of my skin as it was, after one application of the just balm and after 5 days of using the balm. So you can see for yourself the results which speak for themselves. Also a little goes a long way with this balm so it would be a great buy!"

Emily says:
"This too was my favorite of the three Nía we tested out! I really love the silky whipped consistency. It did take a little bit for the balm to fully absorb into the skin, so I would recommend using it either at night before bed, or while watching T.V. so you can really let it soak in. I used it once a day on my hands, legs (especially my knees) and elbows. The balm is perfect for those dry areas, and like you can see in the pics Aideen shared above, the results are definitely noticeable. One other thing that I really liked about the balm is that it is unscented. I tend to get headaches if I use balms and lotions that are too perfumed, so this is just perfect. This is definitely something that I would purchase after testing it out over the past few days." 

Overall we really enjoyed trying out these Nía products and would for sure be interested in trying out some of the other products available like the firming scrub bar and intensive shower mousse. As the products are all 100% natural they are perfect for everyone in the family and especially for those with and skin conditions or sensitivities.

Emily & Aideen x

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