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#ealtuesdaytryouts- PowderPocket beauty subscription box

7:48 AM

Hello lovelies... today we have a lovely treat for you all here in the blog! The fabulous people over at PowderPocket sent us a sample of one of their subscription boxes to review and boy was this a fun one.

So what is PowderPocket? Is is a monthly subscription box that sends you 5 beauty treats right to your door!! You can visit their website HERE and there is the option of buying a once off monthly box or you can sign up for a 6 or even 12 month subscription-this would be a great present for someone too. Also this great company is based here in Galway, Ireland so the postage if you are living here is very affordable.

So what do you get? PowderPocket will send your monthly pack of 5 goodies all packaged beautifully and they even include a very nice glossy magazine style brochure which gives you details of the products included in your pack, great hints/tips and also some discount codes off the full sized items-if you wish to purchase them from the companies which is awesome!!

All of the packaging is gorgeous and opening the box is such a nice treat!

This is what we got in Aprils 'weekender' box, as you can see there are full sized and sample sized goodies!

Aideen says:

So I had the pleasure of testing out the Eva professional mystic diamond hair elixir and also the Blank Canvas cosmetics E26 blending brush:

Eva professional mystic diamond elixir:

So as you can see I have high-lights in my hair which means my hair is very dry and coarse, so it loves hair oils!! The mystic diamond elixir has a very light scent-I applied it while my hair was damp, then I blow-dried my hair and ran the straighteners through it to seal in the oil. My hair was soft and not greasy at all as you can see-the sample sized bottle will give me at least 5 applications which is great. As an added bonus you can use the elixir on dry hair as a smoothing serum too, which is handy for any frizz or fly-aways!

Blank Canvas cosmetics E26 blending brush:

I used the E26 blending brush for this daytime eye look-the shadows that I used are both from my current favourite eyeshadow quad 'the truth' by BareMinerals. First I primed my eye using BareMinerals prime time primer before using the lightest colour of the quad 'serendipitous' all over my lid. I then picked up some of the colour 'magnetism' with my E26 blending brush and applied that to the outer lid, blending it across the crease. This brush is perfect for blending as its hairs are fluffy but still compact and you don't lose the pigment as you blend. I am looking forward to using this on my next night out too as it will be perfect for doing a smoky eye!! 

I am really impressed by the whole PowderPocket experience-the website is easy to use, all of the packaging is fun, the products are all things I would use and the cost is inexpensive for what you are getting even including the postage! Both myself and my sister have signed up for a 6 month subscription and I will be letting you in on all the goodies as I get the boxes....we are both so excited-thank you PowderPocket x.

Emily says:

I was so lucky to be able to try out both the Bia Beauty "Stop the Clock" eye gel , etre belle "Long-lasting Eye Shadow Pen"  as well as the La Roche-Po 50+say sunscreen.

Bia Beauty “stop the clock” eye gel:

This eye gel was definitely my fave out of the three products I tested out! I am always on the lookout for a nice eye cream, seeing as how I have SUPER pale skin and tend to always be on the go, so battling dark circles under my eyes is ALWAYS a challenge.  
This gel is nice and light, so it absorbs into the skin quickly without leaving the area around your eyes feeling “sticky” which I have run into with other eye gels and creams. I even tested out putting the gel on prior to my makeup and it wore fine underneath, and didn’t disturb my usual makeup at all.
The gel also has a really lovely herbal scent. Again like the consistency of the gel the smell is light and refreshing. The gel also has a nice cooling sensation that really “wakes-up” your eyes. It definitely reduces both the feeling and appearance of puffiness and significantly reduced the redness I get tend to have around my eyes. I noticed that over the week I used this gel I was using less cover-up underneath my which really impressed me, since I am often rather skeptical when trying out new eye creams. I would certainly recommend testing out this gel for yourself!
For those of you who are curious I used a small amount of the gel twice a day once in the morning after I  woke up prior to makeup application, and then again once in the evening after I removed my makeup before bed.

Etra Belle " Long - Lasting Eye Shadow Pen : color nuance: 01 

I don’t usually purchase cream eye shadows, but I was really interested in trying this one out, because the color is really lovely! It’s a very iridescent Champaign pink  / cream color.  Which is also a little out of my comfort zone as I tend to go for darker shadows. In any case... I have been wanting to try out some new makeup products, and well …why not, right!

To be totally honest, I actually was a bit surprised at how much I liked the shadow. I used it in combination with some power shadows from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and it really blended quite well with the other colors I mixed with it. It’s a great highlight color to use when creating a Smokey eye look. Another nice thing about this shadow is that it really does last the day without needing to re-apply. FYI : I did not use any sort of eye primer just to really give this shadow a true test. 

La Roche Posay : 50+ Ultra Light Sunscreen :

This is a really nice sunscreen, with great coverage. I spent most of my time this weekend outside, so it was the perfect test, as I have SUPER pale skin, as I mentioned above so going outside without sunscreen is not an option for me.  The one thing I liked the most about this product is that its NOT greasy!!! Which is my biggest pet peeve about most sunscreens is that while you may not get burnt, you feel icky all day. So two HUGE thumbs up for this !!! I only wish the sample size was a little bigger-I guess I will have to go ahead and order myself a bottle! 

So I must say I too, was really impressed with PowderPocket experience! All three of the products I had the pleasure of testing out were great quality,  and for the subscription price you certainly get your moneys worth! Since I am in the U.S. it was especially fun for me to try out these products, seeing as they were all completely new to me :) Thank you so much PowderPocket for the goodies!

Emily & Aideen x

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  1. Hi Emily! Thank you for your Etsy convo & for featuring a pair of earrings from the Pemberley Collection. I wanted to wish you and Aideen much success with your blog. Looks like you're off to a great start. Have a lovely weekend ahead. ~ Julie