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Claire from RedBear Design is Taking over EAL Today!!! #ealsmallbizfeature

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Today we have the wonderful and super talented Claire, from RedBear Design, taking over the blog! She creates the most adorable modern cross-stich patterns, that I have completely fallen in love with and to which I have become a little addicted;) Not only are the patterns ADORBS, but they are very well written and easy to follow. Each PDF pattern comes with basic information, a color block chart, a black and white symbols cart, and a color chart with DMC thread and fabric recommendations. Clair also offers kits in her Etsy shop, so if you are just beginning cross-stitch these would be a great for a starter project.

Here are some of my little Christmas themed cross-stitch projects from RedBear! 

“Hello, My name is Claire. I was a graphic designer when I was in Hong Kong and have always had a passion for handmade items and design.

At the very beginning, I made stuffed dolls for my friends as Birthday gifts. And also tried to sell these on Etsy, but my sewing skill was not good enough, so it didn't do so well. However, I was still in love with handmade a lot and wished it could be part of my life more and more.

A few years before, I bought a cross stitch magazine in UK and found out cross-stitch is quit fun and easy to make. I fell in love with it, I tried to keep up with it off and on, but I was too busy with my day job in Hong Kong. After I quit my job and came to the UK, I picked it up again, but discovered there were not very many cute patterns that I wanted. So, I started to make my own patterns and thought maybe others will be interested in them too. So, I established Redbear Design. Even though it hasn’t been established very long, it can bring people happiness and fun. It really is my way to connect with other handmade lovers.

 Some of Claire's beautiful work! 

My cross-stitch patterns are inspired by a lot of things around me. I always have ideas about what I should make. I collect pretty things everywhere… from the real world, magazines and the Internet. I love to do it! I have an archive folder, which have different kinds of categories, such as interior, fashion, toys, etc. They all inspire me. I love to mix and match different pretty things to see what it will look like, and try to put those elements into my design.

Beside that, I love to get inspiration from my lovely customers, some of them love to re-create my patterns in their own color way, which surprises me and gives me fresh ideas for my patterns. I love when my customers become creative, it’s good for both of us.

I'm a bit of a workaholic. I’m always thinking about new patterns and how to make cross-stitch not only on wooden hoops and frames but other items as well. I ‘m always trying to put more and more new elements to cross-stitch. It might sound silly but my vision for cross stitch is to make more people become a handmade lovers and make this old lady hobby become more fun, cute and modern. Cross-stitch really makes me happy because I love what I do, I hope I can share happiness and luck through cross-stitch with everyone.”

So if you love cross-stitch, know someone who loves to cross-stitch , or have been thinking about trying it out, be sure to have a peep in her shop! You are sure to find something you like :) 

Emily x 

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