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#ealfestive2014 Elf on the Shelf

5:09 AM

Hello lovelies happy #ealfestive2014 ... Aideen here today to talk about 'Elf on the Shelf' some of you may be familiar with the elves already but they are only starting to get more popular in Ireland this year. In fact.... Yesterday the maker of the elves was on Ireland am-a morning tv show here.

I really noticed them last year as I was seeing them on people's pages on Facebook and also there were loads of ideas on Pinterest-in fact I made a board last year called 'I want an Elf on the Shelf'. You can see the pins on there if you look up my Pinterest page-Aideen Fallon.

This image is from my Pinterest page-some people really do go all out with their elves and there are TONS of fun ideas.

Where can I get one??? This year the Elf became available here in Ireland-last year when I was looking at them they were internationally made and the postage was crazy!!! So I got mine on www.elfontheshelf.ie and it cost €34.99.

What happens next??? The elf arrives overnight at your house in his beautiful packaging and with a storybook explaining all about him! He can arrive late November/ early December-our guy arrived December 1st and the first thing you must do to start his magic is name him... So we decided on the name Alfie.

What now?? The story says the every night the elf returns to the North Pole to santa letting him know of the children's good or indeed bad behaviour to help santa decide whether they are indeed naughty or nice!!

Where's the fun?? So the fun part is that every morning when you wake you have to find the elf who....after returning from the North Pole is now hiding out in your house!! There's all sorts of weird and wonderful ideas for how to set up your elf on Pinterest... 

So far our Alfie has gone down a treat-the kids LOVE looking for him and seeing what he's up to! The first morning he was surrounded by the army and today he was doing a Miley Cyrus wrecking ball tribute on my Christmas decoration!!

How long does the elf stay?? So your elf friend is with you until Christmas Eve and when Santa arrives they must go home with him but they will be back again next year for more fun!!

I am so happy I decided to get the elf and it's the kind of thing I love to do so it was an easy decision!! There's all kinds of goodies you can get on the Elf on the Shelf website including outfits for your elf, DVDs of the story & also I must mention you can pick if you want a boy or a girl....

I hope you liked this post, I'll have to keep you updated on Alfie's antics!! 

Aideen & Emily x

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