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#ealmakes Amy Tangerines Creative Handbook!

6:16 PM

Both of us gals are OBSESSED with Amy Tangerine and all of the fun stuff that she creates. If you love crafting or just anything cute you should follow Amys social media pages for sure-all of the links are on her website www.amytangerine.com.

Recently we had spotted this video by Amy and Jamie:

You can log onto Amys website and get her creative handbook for free!! So both of us are currently working on practice 1 in our handbooks and we can't wait to share with you guys as part of our #ealmakes posts...

Why not head over to Amys website and get a creative handbook of your own and play along with us??? Remember to use #amytangerinehandbook on any photos or posts!!

Emily & Aideen x

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