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#ealmakes Amy Tangerines creative handbook Practice 1!

3:05 PM

Hello lovelies and welcome to our first share from our #amytangerinehandbook-you can still download your FREE copy HERE.

From Amys YouTube channel HERE


I am in the process of trying to organize my crafting supplies so at the moment I literally have an explosion on my desk. But, oddly enough in all the mess if you dig around a bit, there is loads of inspiration, and fun little left over bits from projects to play with. So, I just kinda went for it! I really enjoyed how freeing this was, not really having to worry about a finished product, but rather enjoying the process of creating and gathering inspiration!


It took me a moment to just absorb in the prompts on practice one and also Amy had her YouTube video on it which was great to watch!! You can check that out on yesterdays post.... Then I just gathered some fun colourful supplies and went with it. The inspiration I used was just a new year, new beginnings approach so I incorporated some of my resolutions with random doodles, washi tape and stamping!! I am looking forward to practice 2 already........


If you are joining in with the #amytangerinehandbook leave your links in the comments as we would love to see,

Emily & Aideen

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