Nia Intensive Shower Mousse #ealtryouts Review

6:04 AM

Hello Lovelies!
Emily here with a quick little #ealtryouts review featuring an EAL all-time favorite company Nia! Aideen was kind enough to share some of the goodies she received in her ITWBN bag from the recent meet up in Galway. Thanks Girly!! I was so delighted to see that she had sent me the Nia Intensive Shower Mousse! I have tried several other Nia products, but the Shower Mousse was completely new to me.

Like all of the other Nia products I have tried, the Intensive Shower Mousse has an absolutely wonderful scent that is not too overpowering. The light clean scent that leaves your skin smelling delightful and refreshed all day! 

The mousse is great if you are like me, and tend to battle dry skin, especially, during the winter. Even just after one use I noticed some of my more problematic spots like my elbows, knees, and little patches of winter eczema were significantly smoother and, much less red and irritated. AMAZING!!! And best of all Nia’s product are all 100% natural. Can it get any better than that?

Intensive Shower Mousse

“This gentle, creamy shower mousse contains coconut oil and honey for an all natural, intensely moisturising cleanse. Leaves skin irresistibly soft with a delicate, sweet scent.”

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