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#ealtuesdaytryouts Cocoa Brown 'Lovely legs'

6:27 AM

Hello lovelies and welcome back to #ealtuesdaytryouts where it's me Aideen here today to try out the new 'lovely legs' by Cocoa Brown. What strikes me first about Cocoa Brown is the super girly hot pink packaging-it looks so cute!! In Penneys here in Galway there is a HUGE section of cocoa brown products and you can't help but double take when you walk past all the pretty pink goodies.

The lovely peeps at Cocoa brown HQ sent me their newest product to their already impressive line up of products called 'lovely legs'. I could not wait to try out this tanning make up for legs as I have never used cocoa brown before and mostly just embrace the paleness you know?! There are instructions from Marissa Carter-the pink lady herself-the owner of Cocoa brown are on all of the packaging which is very nice and great for someone like me who wouldn't be a tanning expert.

I went ahead and picked up the soft & smooth duo pack from the pharmacy where I work-BIG hello to all at University Pharmacy, Galway!! 

Ok so step one was exfoliate my Legs with the tough stuff exfoliator-a no nonsense 3 in 1 body scrub! So I did this prior to shaving my legs and followed it up with the chocolate whip oil free body moisturiser. I have to say I absolutely fell in love with both of these products. I love a great body scrub just in general for when I have a shower for the dry skin on my arms and legs so this one is perfect. And just look at that moisturiser... Doesn't it look like chocolate???

Next up was to shake up the lovely legs spray for a good 20 seconds before spraying it onto the tanning mitt. I then buffed it onto my legs which was super easy to do and was very quick. It is definitely handy for when you are in a rush, have last minute plans or just want to top up you leg colour-the colour I am trying out is medium bronze.

The obligatory before and after leg pic!!! A little goes a long way with this product and I only used two sprays to achieve this lightly tanned look which is perfect for me-you could definitely add one or two more sprays if its a deeper tan you are looking for.

There was nothing for it but to put on my pinkest shoes and girly outfit-very Cocoa brown :) 

The lovely legs tanning make up then just easily washes away with warm soapy water or a bit of the tough stuff body scrub-simples! Have you tried cocoa brown products? Which are your favourite? I really liked all of these goodies and I am definitely having a good look at all their products when I'm in Penneys,

Thanks again to all at Cocoa Brown and Marissa for creating such a fun & easy to use line,

Aideen x

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