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#ealtuesdaytryouts Ógra skincare

7:59 AM

Hello lovelies and welcome to another #ealtuesdaytryouts day here at Emily and Aideen loves...

Today we are trying out some of Ógras organic irish peat range on the blog-thank you so much to the team at Ógra for generously sending on these items to us-they are amazing and we cannot recommend them enough!! They are perfect for anyone and would make great gifts too especially for anyone who is into skincare and likes new and exciting products. You can look up all these products shown and many other on their webiste HERE

"Revolutionising skincare by harnessing the natural power of peat through science and technology.
Conceptualised, conceived, cultured and cultivated on the rich bogs of Ireland, ÓGRA is a revolutionary new skincare range that combines the best that nature has to offer. Using scientifically proven ingredients, ÓGRA harnesses the natural power of peat by using this nutrient rich formula to fight ageing at a cellular level.
Now you can transform the way you look and feel by restoring, rejuvenating and rebalancing your skin naturally"

Aideen says: "Upon opening my package from Ógra I was very impressed-even the packaging is so luxurious I could not wait to open all the beautiful black and gold boxes to see what was inside. The anti-ageing face cream and the 100% peat face and body mask are presented in black matte glass jars with fabulous shiny gold lids. I have to say I was so excited to try all of these products but especially the 100% peat mask as it looks just so amazing and what a fun idea for a mask! All of the products come with detailed instructions for use and also hints and tips."

The 100% peat face and body mask (RRP €59.95):

Aideen says "The 100% organic irish peat face mask is a super product-there is no scent on this mask and it's just so fun to apply, it would be a great buy for a girly night in!! I could not wait to try this product out-it feels really nice and cooling on the skin. As it dried I could feel it tingling and tightening but not at all in an uncomfortable way-as per the instructions you can mist the mask as you go. I left it on for fifteen minutes and then washed it off with warm water. The mask left my skin feeling renewed and super soft-I loved this!!!"

Emily says "This was the one product from Ogra that I was absolutely dying to try! I love masks, but I am picky about what I like… Especially when it comes to removing a mask once its dry. This mask like Aideen mentioned is unscented, and has a lovely cooling effect. I tested this out after a long day at work, and it left me feeling completely refreshed! I left mine on for approximately fifteen minutes as well. This mask is particularly nice because as it slowly dries on your skin, you can feel it tighten slightly, and you can easily tell when the mask is ready to be rinsed off. I was VERY impressed with how easily the mask dissolves off my skin, with no discoloration or residue. My face felt fresh, clean and REALLY soft after using this mask. I also noticed that my face felt much less oily than it usually does after a long day wearing a full face of makeup. Even the next morning my face still felt clean and fresh! It is certainly a pricier item, but if you want to treat yourself it is well worth the price."

Of course we had to photograph our masked faces....

Warm citrus body moisturiser (RRP €29.95):

Aideen says "The warm citrus body moisturiser-again packaged beautifully in black and gold looks so appealing. The immediate reaction to this cream is the scent-it is such a light, clean, fresh citrus scent! I couldn't wait to apply it-I used it on my arms and legs and it just sank into my skin without leaving any residue and smelled amazing."

Emily says "The first thing that impressed me about this product was the citrus scent. It’s absolutely refreshing and really “wakes-up” your skin! I used this mainly on my legs since they tend to get particularly dry in the summer months, especially after spending time outside in the sun. The moisturizer has a luxurious creamy texture that absorbed beautifully into my skin, leaving my legs feeling unbelievably smooth and refreshed. This cream like the mask has a lovely cooling sensation, which really soothes those extra dry areas!”    

Anti-ageing facial moisturiser (RRP €59.95):

Aideen says "For me I love that this is an unscented product, this is always a plus for me when it comes to facial creams. Also as I recently turned 30 anti-ageing is what I need to be looking for in my products. Again this is an easily absorbed cream with lovely little flecks of peat throughout. It absorbs quickly into the skin and didn't leave any residue so would be perfect as a day cream even under makeup! I also used this cream after the peat face mask and my face felt baby soft and radiant, it is my go to day and night cream."

Emily says "Like Aideen I too love that this product is unscented. I usually try to avoid using heavily scented products, especially on my face. I used the moisturizer both in the morning before applying my makeup as well as at night after removing it. After several days of using this product I felt a real difference in both how soft and how smooth my face and neck felt and looked! One of the main things that I really loved about this moisturizer is that it wears beautifully under makeup, since it absorbs completely into the skin without residue. I actually noticed a difference in the way that my foundation looked and felt on my face after adding this moisturizer to my daily beauty routine.

Thanks so much again to everyone at Ógra for sending us their luxurious products to review-we really enjoyed all of these products!

Emily & Aideen x

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