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#ealthingswelovethursday INSTAX LOVE

8:01 AM

Hello Lovelies!

Emily here... and today, we are mixing things up a bit on the blog. Rather than our usual "Thrifty Thursday" post we are starting a new semi-regular feature called "Things We Love Thursday" to share anything that Aideen or myself are currently loving!

I am a huge "picture - taker" No matter what the occasion I always have some sort of camera out, whether it be my iPhone, my Canon, or my newest edition to my camera family… My two INSTAX cameras by Fujifilm

Last year for Christmas I recieved the Fujifil Instax MINI 7s in white… which I instantly fell in LOVE with!!! Its a great little instant camera, the picture quality is great, and its super fun for special trips, events, or parties. The only downside is the film is a little pricy so I found that purchasing the Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film, 10 Sheets (5-Pack) ($36.70 plus S&H unless you are prime member) on Amazon was the best bargain for me. I do tend to use this camera quite a bit so I like to have a good amount of extra film on hand. However if you only plan on using your Instax occasionally, you could just go for a smaller package.

I actually brought this camera with me when I went to visit the lovely Aideen last summer, and we had a blast with it! She actually purchased the MINI 8 in Yellow prior to my visit, so the two of us were snapping pictures left and right! Now as a scrapbooker these instant pictures are fab for using in pocketed Project Life style albums, but I still often times wind up with left over pictures. Until recently I was not really sure what to do with them.

About two weeks ago, I stopped in Michael's and saw that their Recollections brand now has a line of Instax albums, frames, stickers, and other accessories for storing your Instax photos. HOW COOL IS THAT!? I picked up several of the albums, along with a set of the frames and some cute journaling cards you can use next to your photos in the albums.

My most recent addition to my Instax collection was the Fujifilm Instax MINI 8, which I received for my birthday last Monday. If anyone is interested I would be more than happy to do a full review, or a comparison between the two cameras for a future post. I have taken a few pictures with it so far, and I am rally liking it! This version takes the same film as the 7s so that is a definite plus. The 8 also comes in a variety of trendy colors, and you can purchase matching cases as well… I may have my eye on one of those ;)

I absolutely love that the Polaroid trend is coming back, and I can't wait to keep adding to my little Instax collection! If you have any specific questions for me about these two cameras, or are interested in  a full review / comparison let me know in the comments below!

Emily x 

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