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#ealcurrents-what are we up to now??

8:11 AM

Aideens currents:

LOVING : the last few weeks of the holidays-it has been a crazy busy summer but so many memories have been made!

NAIL COLOR : I don't have my nails done right now as I'm working on wedding invitations and don't want any stains to get on them.

READING : still just light reading like new magazine.

EATING : raspberries!! Love them...

SIPPING : ok so I don't even drink coffee but recently I have tried all of the iced frappe drinks in McDonalds and I really like them!! Also there's a new Starbucks in Galway-I need to go try some of theirs :)

LOOKING FORWARD TO : my brothers wedding!! Just over a week to go.....

PROCRASTINATING : craft projects as always... I should do less procrastinating and more creating really...

LISTENING TO : Iggy Azalea 'fancy'

WATCHING : while on holidays in Cork I watched some episodes of Tia & Tamara on E! They are so fun & I used to love watching sister sister back in the day :)

PLANNING : my outfit for Saturday night-I have a work dinner so need to figure out what to wear...

CREATING : wedding invitations-which are so pretty if I do say so myself!!

WISHING : that there were more hours in a day......


Caoimhe chatting to our neighbours doggy, my hubby running in the streets of Galway, a #tbt to our wedding as we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary last week and Blarney castle which we visited down in Cork and had a FAB day!!


LOVING : My new Wheels! I finally took the plunge, and I couldn’t be happier with my new little car.

NAIL COLOR: Toes are still Essie – Peach Daiquiri

READING : Sadly not a whole lot at the moment… of course I have been doing my best to keep up with my fave bloggeres, but life has just been sooo busy lately I have been finding to hard to make time to just sit and read. Maybe I should make reading a bit more a goal for the next couple of weeks.

EATING: Anticipating a little lunch date with the boy this afternoon. Excited to be going to a new favorite little café that is conveniently right next to a frozen yogurt bar ;) We might have to stop hehehe

SIPPING: My morning coffee Caribou Coffee – Obsidian Dark Roast K-Cups (these are still my latest obsession)

LOOKING FORWARD TO: LOTS at the moment! I feel like one big ball of excitement lately!!! 

PROCRASTINATING: Packing … I need to get myself organized for a little trip this weekend to visit family in Pennsylvania. “Get on it girl!”

LISTENING TO: The quite… sometimes it’s just nice ;)

WATCHING : Just finished season 1 of The Americans on Amazon Prime… and you have to pay for season 2 at the mo…. Need some suggestions for a new show to hold me over until SOA starts in September.

PLANNING : Lots of exciting thing for EAL !! Aideen and I have been busy lining up some fab guest bloggers!!

WISHING : I could freeze time right now …  and bottle all this happiness


Me and my new wheels // Rainbow on the way home from a trip to Michael's with Jane to hunt for the new Heidi Swapp Project Life Collection

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