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My sister, Jane, recently introduced me to this fab little frozen yogurt place in town called Orange Leaf. They are a chain with loads of locations around the U.S.  Besides being absolutely delicious, the whole experience of going to a FroYo bar is really fun! You start out by grabbing a bowl and selecting which flavors of frozen yogurt you want to try. It’s all self serve, so you are free to mix flavors as you like. They also offer handy cup dividers if you don’t want flavors to mix. After you have picked your yogurt, you can then load your bowl up with tons of delicious toppings ranging from fresh fruits and chocolates, to candies, nuts, and syrups. The combinations are really endless, and you are certain to find something to strike your fancy! My favorite topping was something completely new to me called Popping Boba Berries. Jane said that they kind of reminded her of colored fish eggs, LOL, they are actually really delicious. Bobas have the texture of little berries with a flavored liquid inside. The mango flavored ones were delish and definitely my fave!

We have loads of ice cream stands and shops in our area, but the FroYo is fairly new ;) They are fab to go and sit and chat with a friend, or especially fun date night treat! So now that I am completely addicted…hehe  ;) Do you have any fun FroYo bars in your area, or a fave FroYo combo? Let me know in the comments below, and I may just feature it in an upcoming #ealwhatiatewednesday post!

A bit About Orange Leaf:

“We’re a self-serve, choose-your-own toppings frozen treat destination unlike any other.”

“We work hard to make the best froyo you’ve ever tasted and are committed to becoming a valuable partner in your community”  

Emily x

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