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#ealtuesdaytryouts caricatures by Luis Arriola!

6:43 AM

It's #ealtuesdaytryouts and today is one of my favourite gift ideas I ever came across!! In fact it was almost 5 years ago that I first discovered Luis Arriola and his fantastic caricatures from photos when I was looking for a present for my brother Niall for Christmas.....

Since then I have bought some others as have people that I recommended Luis too :) and you can check out his website HERE

It was recently that I thought-how fun would it be to get one for me & Emily for our blog profiler!! 

Working with Luis is easy peasy-pick your caricature on his site-he can work with as many people you want to include in your pic and have props etc to make it personal! Then you mail your photos-you want nice clear quality photos of the faces especially as that's what Luis draws from. Let him know any specific details or props and that's it.... The result speaks for itself and I could not be happier :)

I love love love this photo of me and my bestie proudly wearing our #eal colours!!

Emily loves it too and already has one printed and framed. I am going to make a wall of them in my house and get the kids and all done-maybe even Penny our chihuahua!!! 

I can't recommend Luis enough and if you are looking for a fun gift for yourself or someone you know look no further,

Aideen & Emily x

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