My Lovely Friend and Fellow Jamberry Independent Consultant Karen Takes Over #EAL

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Hi EAL blog friends!! 
My name is Karen Young and I am so thrilled to be able to chat with you today! (It’s my first guest blog post…*blushes*) I know Emily because Emily’s dad and I went to high school together. Facebook has allowed so many people to keep in touch or get reacquainted and that was true with Emily’s dad and me. Because Emily and I share a love for CHICKENS, we met!
Emily asked me to tell you about my experience with Jamberry Nails so here we go!

I had seen something like the wraps on the toes of a friend this summer and thought they were the cutest things! She didn’t know what they were called or where to find them as her daughter-in-law gave her the pedicure. I promptly forgot all about it. In the meantime, my daughter, who inherited my peeling, breaking nails, came home to visit and convinced me that a gel manicure would solve all my problems. It was $30.00 and started coming off after three days. Needless to say, I was ‘seriously displeased’. Then I received an invitation to my friend Kayla’s Jamberry party! (You met Kayla a few days ago!) When I saw them, I knew they were for me, booked a party, and ordered immediately.
I invited Emily and all the women on my friends list. We had such a good time! Emily had heard about Jamberry and ordered immediately. Then Kayla asked if I wanted to sell them.

Now, I have had a frustrating experience in the past with selling a product. You may remember Discovery Toys? What I didn’t know, when I shelled out a lot of money to get the consultant kit, was that the market in the Chicago area was saturated with consultants and that I was getting in late to the party. It was a frustrating and fruitless decision.

When I was thinking and praying about Jamberry, I was concerned not to repeat the same mistake. Additionally, all but one of our four children are adults. I have been home with them the whole way and homeschooled all of them, the two oldest and the youngest thru high school. Four years ago, looking for a way to make more than minimum wage, because who, after all, would hire an Econ major who hadn’t worked in 20 years for anything, I went back to school for a degree in Ultrasound. Suffice it to say, that, though I now have my degree, it was fraught with troubles…from the bullying prof to the school’s lying. Let’s just say it was not a great experience.

But, we still needed another income. So, when I looked at Jamberry I was thinking: Could it be that great of a job? Could I really make money? And have fun doing it?
For years I have said to my husband, if only I could make money by talking to people, I would do that in a heartbeat!! With that in mind, I decided to give Jamberry a try… and the rest is history!
Being a consultant is a BLAST!! I get to chat with old and new friends, help people out with questions, and get paid for talking!!! It’s the BEST! My first pay check wasn’t big but this one promises to be very nice. And I am looking forward to more of the same!  ;)

I am loving the wraps, too. They are pretty and do exactly what I want done: they keep my nails from peeling and me from sticking said peeling nails into my mouth to get rid of the peeling part. I have pretty nails for the longest time in my life!

The Jamberry wraps are so fun! So many designs and patterns. Some are conservative and quiet, which my nurse friends appreciate. Some are just cute! Some are pretty funky. And they even have ‘event’/holiday ones!! I just heard yesterday that there are over 400 designs for both children and adults. That’s a LOT of designs to choose from. And one can express one’s own signature style, personality, or change to match an outfit!

Current Jamicure 

Kayla gave you some wonderful tips about application but I would add two important things. First, if you have curved nails, like me, you may get creases or folds in the sides or tips of the curved nails. Don’t worry, there is a solution for that!It is called the “Baggie Method” which sounds completely crazy, but it works. And, yes, it involves a baggie. Doesn’t matter the brand.

So, when you apply the wraps, which I do cold so that I can reposition them easily, heat them one time. Press down firmly, from the middle out, trying to keep wrinkles from occurring. A cuticle pusher is the best tool for this, but an orange stick, or your finger can work. If a crease or wrinkle forms, get a baggie, and place the whole thing over your nail, twisting at the bottom, so that the top of the nail is covered tightly with the two layers of the baggie. Heat your nail again, pushing down outward on the top of the baggie. Take the baggie off and apply pressure again with the cuticle pusher or orange stick (or even the back of a tweezers) to work the creases out and down. If necessary, repeat once or twice more. This should work any creases out of the wrap.

Here is a great tutorial for this method!
The second thing is this…after applying your wraps, it is best to wait a bit to get them wet. I wait till they are cool to both file them and stick my hands in water. I was just talking to my daughter who put new wraps on last night and then got a shower. THEY ALL FELL OFF! So, I would advise against that! LOL So, that is my Jamberry Journey!! I am looking forward to what the future holds!

Jam ON, ladies!!! 

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