My Lovely Jamberry Sponsor Kayla Takes Over #EAL

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Hello Blog Land!
My name is Kayla, Emily’s sponsor through Jamberry, and I was asked by Emily and Aideen to be a guest blogger today! I’m so excited to join you today and talk about Jamberry Nails! Because after all, who doesn’t love expressing their unique style and having fabulous nails?

My current Jams!

I joined Jamberry Nails about 5 weeks ago and it has been a wild ride ever since! The first time I heard of Jamberry Nail wraps, I laughed to myself and thought ‘oh my word, that is ridiculous!’ And then, I tried it, and guess what? I fell in love!

Ok, I know, I may sound a little cheesy. But here’s the thing, before Jamberry I NEVER did my nails. I have three small boys, ages 6yr, 4yr, and 11 months. I do not have time, nor the patience, to sit down at the end of a long day, and put on a base coat, two top coats, and then a final sealer, sit for an hour hoping that they wouldn’t smudge, and go to bed and find that I still, somehow, nicked one of them during the night. Then, not only that, but they would chip on me! With my crazy life and picking up after 3 boys and doing all the other things a busy Mom does, they were usually chipping within 24 hrs for me. No. Way. Nope! I don’t have time for that! Plus, once they chipped, they would bug me and I would start picking at them! Ugh!

So yes, I was hesitant to try Jamberry Nails because I thought how in the world were these going to last for me? My first try, I heated them over boiling soup. Yes, you heard me right! I do not recommend this option, just a little FYI there, but even with the steamy moisture getting on the wraps while I heated them (hence why I do not suggest this option), they still lasted 5 DAYS! And that was doing them all wrong! When I followed the instructions, they now last me 10-12 DAYS, yes days, and they look fabulous the entire time! And on my toes? Those babies last me at least 4 weeks!

Once I became addicted to them, and having a ton of fun expressing my unique style, I started the throwing around the idea of becoming a consultant. Again, being hesitant, I asked about 100 questions. Was it worth it? Was it really that easy? Did I have to create all of these posts and my own games? Would the pay even be worth my time? Well after joining, I found out that YES!!!! Yes, it is worth it! Yes, it really is THAT EASY! No, I did not have to re-create the wheel as they would call it. And YES, the pay is totally worth it! Plus, in my first month I earn $275 in FREE PRODUCTS! Oh yes! Very exciting for this addict!!!

Jams I helped my sister put on!!!

Emily asked if I would share any tips or tricks with you on applying Jamberry Nail wraps. So here are a few of my little tips!

1.     You can easily use things at home that will help you apply your Jams, even though I do have to say, our Jamberry heater ROCKS and makes things a lot easier! But, you can use a hair dryer, and being all savy like yours truly a time or two, you can even use your stove, to heat up the wraps. Be careful to heat your wraps enough, but also not too much. Make sure they are soft and pliable so they will adhere to your nail, but don’t heat them to the point that they are going to start curling up on you.
2.     Using acitone to clean your nail beds before applying the wraps has worked better for some people rather then using rubbing alcohol.
3.     Make sure to file downwards when removing any extra after you trim the wrap with nail scissors or nail clippers. Do not file up or side-to-side. This will create fraying.
4.     Heat and pressure. Heat and pressure. HEAT AND PRESSURE!!! ;) That is the key to long lasting nail wraps! Even after you put them on, hold your nail up to your heat source a couple of times to get it warm (don’t burn yourself) and push it down firmly again. You can feel it adhere better and better each time.
5.     Take them off properly! Use warm water or acitone to soak them in before removing them, or use oil to get under the nail wrap and let it loosen the adhesiveness for you! Jamberry Nail wraps are awesome in the way that they do not ruin your nails, actually it helps many strengthen their nails, as long as you don’t just pull them off.

So there you have it! You have my Jamberry story and some of my tips and tricks to long lasting wraps and beautiful strong nails!

A recent Jamicure ;)  

Emily is absolutely FABULOUS at Jamberry and I know she will help answer any questions that you may have! I am super excited that you all are supporting her in her new business opportunity! Try Jamberry, love it, and express your unique style (we do have over 300+ designs after all!!!)!

Thanks everyone for letting me join you today!!!


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