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#ealtryouts Nia natural skincare facial cleansing balm and hydrating mist

11:36 AM

Hello lovelies-so as some of you may have noticed we are HUGE fans of Nia goodies here on EALoves!! Their products are all natural, smell AMAZING, are affordable and give great results what more could you want????

So when I saw that they were coming out with some new goodies-I was DELIGHTED to find out that we were going to get to try them out so thank you so much to Celia and the Nia team for sending these to us to try #ealtryouts

Both Emily and I suffer from dry skin so Nia products are made for us-the first product I used us the Calendula and Orange blossom 2 step facial cleansing balm available HERE for €19.95!! This is such a great price because one tin will last you ages-the formula is buttery and so easy to spread on the skin you don't need much at al to cover the face and neck so it's great bang for your buck... We all know we need to moisturise our dry skin but also we need to cleanse off any dead skin too and a gentle product is what we want...

Let me go back for a second and also mention the pretty packaging-I love the you are amazing detail as you open the box it's such a lovely touch...

Now onto the cleansing process-step one is to dampen your face and neck area and apply a small amount of product using the handy spatula included in the package. As with all Nia goodies-the cleanser smells so beautiful and it so easy to apply. Step two is to rinse the cleansing cloth also included and wring it out before sweeping over the face to remove the cleanser and leaving super soft skin behind!! 

The next product I used after my cleansing is the intensive restoring facial hydrating mist available HERE for 19.95-made with oat and aloe the mist feels so good on the skin and dries in quickly and easily-no sticky residue!! You can use the mist throughout the day to refresh the skin and it can even be used over make-up BONUS!!

If you are yet to try Nia goodies you should pop over to their site and check out their range of goodies HERE 

Aideen x

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