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#TanningThursday Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff Review

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Hello Lovelies!!
Ok, so I think most of you already know how beyond excited I was to find out that Cocoa Brown was coming to the States! I had been seeing all of my wonderful Irish bloggy pals giving these tanning products rave reviews, including my partner in crime Aideen (LOL) who did a little review last summer of the Lovely Legs Moisturizer, along with the Tough Stuff scrub (Read her review HERE)  .  So you know when I found out it had landed stateside I just HAD to get my hands on some Cocoa Brown!

So to kick off my Cocoa Brown product reviews I have a very special pal, Aideen’s lovely sister Aggie here with me today to help review the Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff exfoliating scrub. AREN’T YOU EXCITED!!! I AM!!!  

This was the very first Cocoa Brown product I cracked open from the order I placed online with Ricky’s NYC. As I think most of you already know I struggle with dry skin during the fall and winter months, so I’m always hunting for new scrubs and creams to help soothe and care for my skin during these cold months.  So first impressions… The packaging is ADORBS, just like all of the products in the Cocoa Brown range. The girly hot pink packaging just makes me smile every time I see it sitting on my bathroom counter. The scrub is also a lovely pink shade! Which I thought was such a nice touch. So on to the actual scrub. It’s a very fine exfoliating scrub, which I tend to prefer over chunkier salt or sugar scrubs. Often times I feel like I waste a lot of product with those types of exfoliating scrubs, but the Tough Stuff scrub has a nice fine consistency that is both effective on removing dead skin and stubborn fake tan.   Yet, it feels nice against your skin, not too rough. I have been using the scrub several times a week for about the past month, and I have noticed that my skin feels much softer and accepts self tanning products much more evenly (but more on that in my next review .)

I would certainly recommend this product as a great exfoliator, even if you are not someone who self tans. It’s a great scrub to keep on hand in your shower, and did I mention it is super affordable?! It retails for $9.99 in the U.S. Now lets here what Miss. Aggie has to say about this FAB scrub!! 

Aggie's Review:

"Ok I have to admit I am a die-hard exfoliation gloves kinda gal, or at least I was! Before trying Tough Stuff I found that scrubs didn't really do the trick for removing tan or smoothing the skin but there's something about the super-fine scrub that is incredibly effective. I used it both to prep the skin for fake tan and remove it afterward and it was ideal in both cases, especially removing those horrible patchy bits that cling to your knees or elbows! 

I also loved that the product is the trademark CB pink & it has a lovely clean fragrance that doesn't overwhelm. Overall a very effective product that managed to convert me from the gloves!"

If you live in the U.S. and are interested in getting your hands on some Cocoa Brown pop on over to Ricky's NYC for a look.

Happy Exfoliating!! 
Emily and Aggie x

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