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Angel By: Thierry Mugler Lotion Review

6:40 AM

Hello Lovelies!

Emily here with a quick review of the ANGEL by Thierry Mugler Perfuming Body Lotion that Aideen kindly shared with me, from her ITWBN goodie bag that she received at the last blogger meet up #ealtryouts

My first impression on this lotion is that the packaging is very nicely done. I loved how the shimmery finish really gives the product a luxurious feel.  Now to be completely honest, I have mixed feelings as far as the actual lotion goes. A bit of a warning to those sensitive to strong scents or perfumes, this lotion is VERY fragrant! Though the scent is quite nice, I found it slightly overpowering.  Though, I did find that if I applied the lotion to my hands, waited for a couple of minutes, and then wash my hands, the scent was still there but more subdued and to my liking. Now, on the other hand, the actual lotion itself really impressed me. It has a very silky constancy that absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy residue. I was also impressed, by how long my hands stayed moisturized after applying this lotion, especially due to the fact that I pretty much washed it off shortly after applying it. 

So, I’m not sure if this is lotion is something I would purchase myself, simply due to how fragrant it is, and my tendency to be a bit sensitive to strongly scented products.  But, I do have to say for those of you not who are not bothered by strongly scented products, it is a very unique scent that I do quite like; I just wish that it were a little less strong. 


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