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7:52 AM

Hello lovelies-here's another currently post to let you all in on a sneak peak into our lives and what we are up to now!!


LOVING : how the photos came out that I took for my brother and new sisters wedding-it was amazing to play an important role in their big day and I'm just so happy they like their pics :)

NAIL COLOR : still have my Shellacs on from my brothers wedding-white and gold that I got done in Bellissimo, Galway-love them!!

READING : nothing at the mo.... No time I'm afraid :(

EATING : I am working my way thru a rather large box of jelly belly jelly beans my sister bought me home from America!!

SIPPING : lemon fanta with ice ;)

LOOKING FORWARD TO : meeting up with my forever friends Saturday night to celebrate Sarah's birthday with a yummy meal out.....

PROCRASTINATING : tidying my craft room-not sure how I missed it but a bomb definitely went off in there ;)

LISTENING TO : Bang Bang-Jessie J, Iggy Azalea & Nicki Minaj..... Quite the catchy song.

WATCHING : the X factor.... Every year I get hooked without fail!! 

PLANNING : a surprise present for someone special....

CREATING : working on all kinds of projects this week Halloween goodies, thanksgiving.... It's all go go go!

WISHING : for more hours in a day :)


THOSE jelly beans, my Shellacs and the happy couple!


LOVING : Pumpkin anything and EVERYTHING !!! I am so excited that fall is on the way

NAIL COLOR: Nothing at the moment… need to paint them badly!

READING : still not a whole lot at the moment… (sorry guys)

EATING: Thinking of doing hot and sour soup for lunch today from one of my favorite sushi places near my work. I have a bit of a sore throat from allergies, so soup is sounding pretty yummy.

SIPPING: Pumpkin Coffee from Dunkin Donuts

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Some time in my sewing room! I have a stack literally about a mile high of fabric and patterns that I am dying to start working my way through.

PROCRASTINATING: Cleaning and laundry...been on the go like crazy lately and definitely need to start tackling the piles

LISTENING TO: "Drunk on a Plane"  Derkis Bentley … a little obsessed lol

WATCHING : Criminal Minds on Netflix to hold me over until the final season of SOA starts on the 9th…. SQUEEE

PLANNING : Trying to get myself organized. I can’t even believe it, but I am already starting to think about planning for the Holidays. How is it September already?!

WISHING : For a nap or coffee. Feeling SUPER tired today… “ WAKE UP GIRL!” LOL

CREATING: Just whipped up some pillows last night using some of the brand new Gorjuss fabric from Santoro! Thinking of doing a little upcoming post on what I have made, so keep an eye out! 


Pics from fabric shopping this weekends // Pumpkin Muffin LOVE 

Emily & Aideen X 

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