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#ealmondaymaker Silk and Gold on Etsy

10:33 AM

Hello lovelies and welcome to a new #ealmondaymaker here on #eal! Today we are visiting the shop Silk and Gold on Etsy... Here is Gillys shop description:

Silk and gold are not messy !

I arrived in the creative world via sculpture and I have a small gallery next to my home in south County Wexford, Ireland. 

In the past I have enjoyed many crafts including paperrmaking but then came upon a course teaching silk papermaking and I was completely enamoured.

Silk paper is made from raw silk which is the first stage of unravelling the silk thread from the coocoon made by the silkworm. This raw silk still has the sericin in the fibre (that's how the worm makes the cocoon) so by wetting the silk fibres and basically painting with them, I am able to make luscious silky artworks is any colour imaginable.
Such fun.! 

Then I found some gold leaf that I had been using in a piece of glass sculpture and started to lay the gold leaf on the silk. Looking Good.

The sheen of the silk thread and the gold leaft so compliment each other I just had to start making more and framing them. . And here I am, opening a shop on Etsy and SilkandGold had to be the name. Enjoy x
So now that we have met Gilly lets pay a visit to her shop 'Silk and Gold' on Etsy HERE where you can buy a really unique piece of art made with the most beautiful of materials.
Aideens pick:
I really enjoyed looking at Gillys pieces and love everything really-the colours of the silk fibres are all very pretty and eye catching and at the moment I am loving anything that has gold detailing!! I have to share my fave item from Silk and Gold:

This framed blue silk fire piece is so cool-I love the layout of everything and the blue and gold €22 HERE

Emily's  pick:
Ok, so I know its a little early to start thinking about the Holiday's… but I couldn't help it when I saw this piece in Gilly's Shop. The beautiful green and blue fibers intertwined with the gold is so elegant, and this unique piece would definitely add a unique twist of a holiday themed mantle piece display.

Deep Sea Depths $31.89 HERE

Another lovely piece that would make a gorgeous present for any bookworm are the Silk and Gold bookmarks which are only €5!!

Thanks so much to Gilly for inviting us for a look around her shop! We had so much fun-would you like us to come and visit your shop?? Message us here or on our Facebook page,

Emily & Aideen

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