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#ealtuesdattryouts BaByliss Pro Curling wand

9:43 AM

Hello lovelies,

Aideen here with a #ealtuesdaytryouts post-so at the weekend I attended my friends wedding and for the day I decided to pick up a new hair curler! Now I have a short bob style cut with the hair being shorter at the back and longer at the front and also very layered.

I had a look on the Argos website and decided to go for the BaByliss Pro curlng wand:

€31.24 available HERE

I wanted a curler that you didn't have to clamp the hair into as being left handed they are always more tricky for me! This wand was excellent value-I am pretty sure if you were to get your hair curled professionally it would cost more than this wand. 

I found it super easy to use-you just press the power button on and select your heat setting-I have really coarse hair so I pumped the heat up to the max. The wand comes with a heat resistant glove which you use on the hand you are using to wrap hair around the wand. 

So...I picked random pieces of hair wrapped them around the wand held for ten seconds and at the end I gave my do plenty of hair spray!!! (L'Oreal elnett).

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo when I had my hair first done but I have a quick selfie I sent to Emily at almost 11PM so over 12 hours after curling:

I DEFINITELY recommend this curling wand and I know it's not a new product on the market but I just wanted to share it,

Aideen & Emily x

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