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#ealfridayfashion FEATURING Melissa from Lipstick and Louboutins

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Hello lovelies-we are SUPER excited here at #ealhq as we have a fantastic guest blogger on the blog today. Melissa from Lipstick and louboutins has a post all about pregnancy style and it's a MUST read for all our pregnant or thinking about it readers. Thank you so much Melissa for your contribution to #eal,

Emily & Aideen xx

Pregnancy Style | Back To Basics

Pregnancy style and dressing for pregnancy was a total learning curve for me. I never gave it any thought until my time arrived. To be honest I used to get a little embarrassed if I wandered into the maternity section, a bit like a man wandering into a women's underwear section and I have no idea why!! 

This is my first guest blog post for the lovely Aideen and Emily and my aim is to stick to the basics. I will be discussing items of clothing you will 100% need and that I spend most of my days in. The first thing that stopped fitting me was my jeans! It was a sad day when I put them in the bottom drawer! If you like you can purchase a waist band extender but I found them a little uncomfortable so just kissed goodbye to my skinnys for the next few months anyway. Leggings are now your best friend but please please remember the golden rule...if you wear legging make sure the top you are wearing covers your bum. We all know the girls that walk around town wearing them as pants. Being able to see the print and/or size of someone's knickers is a little TMI for me. Don't get me wrong I love nothing more than leggings and my other halves T-shirt when I'm cleaning the house but I wouldn't go out the door without a long vest top, cardigan or loose blouse covering my bum! 

Speaking of knickers print, new underwear is something else you will need more of. You are naturally going to put on a little extra weight so make sure your underwear is super comfy. I love the ones from Penneys with the lace waistband. They aren't tiny but the aren't huge and the lace makes them feel girly and pretty. Don't resign yourself to Bridget Jones panties just yet!! When it comes to bras you are more than likely going to need to be measured for a new size. This is one of the better sides to pregnancy. I went to Marks And Spencer's in Cork city to be measured and the girls were super helpful. I got the fright of my life when she told me I have gone from a 32B to a 34D!! Sure I was only loving life! I felt like a new woman in my new boob jail. I honestly don't know how I was even breathing in the other one. 

I could go on and on but I want to leave it at that, the basics!! ;) I really hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. Feel free to comment your feelings and experiences below! 

Love Melissa 

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