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#ealTBT - Adventures in Ireland

7:21 AM

Hello Lovelies!

It’s hard to believe that this time last year I was in Ireland, with Aideen and her lovely family! It’s just crazy how fast a year’s time has gone by. We thought it would be fun to do a little TBT post for you all highlighting some of our favorite memories from the trip! We were also thinking it might be fun to share some bits from our ( still works in progress) Project Life style albums next week with some tips on scrapping your travel pics! So keep your eyes open for that.


Ok, so its super hard for us to pick favorite memories, because the whole trip was absolutely AMAZING!!! But, well do our best trying to narrow down our tops ;)

Our very first adventure of the trip - The Guinness Storehouse. 
(Aghna, Me and Aideen) 
E:The three of us gals had so much fun exploring the Storehouse, chatting and snapping loads of photos! My favorite part was the view from the sky bar at the very top of the building where you can see ALL of Dublin. 

A: Oh my gosh! I can't believe it's a year since Emily visited-myself and Aghna collected her from the airport and we went straight to the Guinness storehouse-we all really enjoyed the tour and bought some nice goodies in their impressive shop.

Our Cruise on The Corrib Princess 
E:This was such a lovely surprise that Aideen planned for us!  We all enjoyed this relaxing ride down the Corrib River, and taking in all of the scenic views! 

A: So every morning during Emilys visit I gave her a little envelope each morning with hints about where we were going that day and I had planned adventures for every day it was so much fun-the Corrib princess was a lovely day out and what I find funny about this photo is that Caoimhe has her soother which she gave up soon after this.

On the Lookout for Lambs
E: Our little lambs! They sort of became the mascot of our holiday! We all had so much fun pointing them out as we wold pass them in our travels. 

A: Lambys!!! That's what we were all saying every time we spotted some lambs-we had loads of sightings on our scenic road trip out and around Clifden.

Kylemore Abby & Victorian Walled Garden / Clifden Holiday
E: Our Visit to Kylemore Abby & Victorian Walled Garden with Aideen and the kiddos was seriously breathtaking! This was the beginning of our little holiday while on holiday in Clifden for a little over night visit. Driving through the mountains was just so beautiful and relaxing. 

A: We all really enjoyed this day out even the kids and we did some amount of walking around! We got some beautiful shots of Kylemore-Emily was the resident photographer as I was keeping an eye on the kids.

Sheep and Wool Center 
E: The Sheep and Wool Center was soooo neat to see! We arrived just in time to see the sheep shearing and spinning demo which I am so glad that we got to see! We had a lovely lunch in the little Cafe, and then spent some time poking around in the gift shop looking at all the pretty yarns and sheep souvenirs. 

A: This was such a great place to visit on our way back home... the sheep shearing was lovely to see and the kids really enjoyed it too! There was the cutest little sheep dog puppies running around too entertaining us all... and a fantastic gift shop!

Thursday Shopping Day / Ladies Day ( night out )
E: So, I didn't have a chance to take a pic to really document our shopping, because us gals literally shopped until we dropped!!! We of course went to PENNEYS - which was OMG AMAZING!!! After our full day of shopping in Galway we went home to get dressed up for a little girls night out at Monroe's - lets just say our feet were absolutely done by the time we finally got back to Aideen's from shopping & dancing. 

A: Of course we had to have a shopping day out and Penneys was #1 on our list! It did not disappoint as we got SO much goodies there. That night was ladies day here at the Galway races as it is today in fact... we thought town would be crazy so we went in early enough to Monroes where it was actually very quiet that night but we had a fun time....

E: These are just a few of my favorite snapshots… I have LOADS of pics so it was sooo hard to pics just a few. You'll get to see more of them next week when we do our "scrapping your travel pics" post. 

Emily & Aideen x

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  1. What lovely memories ..every day packed with great adventures ..superb photos ..thanks for sharing